Attention Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), Assistant SPL (ASPL), and Scout Master (SM) attending either Summer or Winter Camp at Camp Tiak.  These linked documents provide important information that is key to having a smooth, successful and less stressful camp!

Before Camp

  • Medical Forms (A, B, & C): ensure that each scout and adult is covered for camp
  • Activity Forms: ensure that each scout and adult is covered for camp
  • Emergency Contact Forms: verify the information is up to date
  • Swim Test: Conduct BSA lifeguard certified swim test
  • Camp T-Shirts: Collect sizes for each scout
  • Unit Roster: names and phone numbers of all those attending (reference Emergency contact forms)
  • Special Needs Forms
  • Scout Summer Camp / Winter Camp Checklists
  • Collect All Medicine (in original bottles) document dosages
  • Collect Money for the Bank of Troub (put money in envelopes)
  • Youth Summer / Winter Camp gear checklist
  • Adult Trailer checklist
  • Make duplicate binder to turn in to camp with Medical Forms, Roster, Emergency Contact

During Camp

Each of these should be displayed clearly at the campsite and should be reviewed by SPL and ASPL to the troop daily and nightly.

  • Check-in Checklist: List of items that must be done as summer/winter camp starts
  • Daily Schedule: High-level events that happen throughout a typical day.  SPL will receive daily updates.
  • Patrol Roster: Following the patrol method, the duties should be delegated to patrols to execute
  • Duty Roster: Daily tasks that must be completed by the troop
  • Waiter Schedule: Each meal a patrol is responsible for getting the troop’s table ready, get silverware, pour drinks, fill napkins, sweep, put-up dirty dishes, etc.
  • Adult Leader Duty Roster: Adults have tasks that need to be taken care of throughout the week.  Each adult must help, but everyone has a responsibility to oversee their own
  • Medication Logs
  • Tent Inspection Checklist and Log
  • Death March / Polar Plunge / Mile Swim / 5K Sign-In: These sign-in sheets are used to verify who completed these and used to get the proper number of patches

After Camp

  • Get Patches
  • Tent Inspection and other prizes
  • Clean up