You’ve got questions, we have answers!  This Page will tell all of the most frequently asked questions for troop 205

    1. How do I Join?   To join all you have to do is show up to a Tuesday meeting and talk to us and we will help you!
    2. How do I Advance?   You need to complete all of the requirements in your book for the rank you are going for, tell a leader you are ready, and present to a board of review.  If you passed the board of review, you advanced.
    3. How do I use Scout book?   If you go this link it will take you to scout book. To be added to the troop, talk to the scout master. On scout book you can monitor your progress.
    4. How do I earn a Merit Badge?   You can earn a merit badge by having a merit badge counselor teach you the requirements and then complete the requirements for the badge.  You can find when we do merit badges by going to Tuesday meetings. You can also do merit badges by yourself by getting the merit badge printable worksheets and merit badge books which you can check out in the troop library.   
    5. How do I get a leadership position?   Every 6 months we have leadership elections. Someone has to nominate you to be considered for a position. If you are voted in, you have that leadership position until next elections. 
    6. Do I have to attend every event?   No you don’t , but to advance you need to be active.
    7. Do I have to pay to be a scout?   There is a yearly cost to BSA and Troop dues.  The price is different based on activities each year, see the scoutmaster for more information.
    8. How do I go up for board of review?   To go up for board of review, you have to put your name on the board of review white board in the scout hut (Located to your right when you walk in).  On the first Tuesday of the month, our troop does board of reviews.
    9. Does the community service I did outside of boy scouts still count in boy scouts?   Yes it still counts, but before you count it, make sure the scoutmaster knows.
    10. Can I bring my phone on a campout?   No you cannot bring your phones on a campout unless instructed so.
    11. How big can my knife be?   Your knife can be no longer than 33% of a foot
    12. When/Where are the meetings?   The meetings start at 7:00 PM prompt at 207 east 1st street.
    13. Do we have fundraisers to help with costs?   Yes we do have fundraisers and to sign up, show up to Tuesday meetings.
    14. As a parent, how can I help with boy scouts?   As a parent, you can help by supporting your child and help them by  not babying them.
    15. Can parents go on campouts?   Parents need to discuss with the scoutmaster to determine if you can go.
    16. How do I get my uniform?   You can get your uniform by going to this link here.