Most of the documents and forms on this page are in Portable Document Format (PDF), which can be opened with many different document readers including your web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Contact, Health, and Medical Forms

  • BSA Annual Health and Medical Record form – This form must be completed and updated every year.  Also, provide updates when any information changes.  Troop leadership will have these forms available if there is a medical emergency or issue with the scout.  This information will not be shared until necessary.
  • Troop Release – This form is to allow Troop Leadership the ability to make decisions for your scout in case of dire emergencies.  Every effort will be made to contact parents and emergency contacts, but if there is a critical decision that cannot wait this provides that permission to those select leaders.
  • Emergency Contact – Kept by Troop leadership to contact parents and emergency contacts in case there is a situation that requires their knowledge or approval.

Activity Forms

  • BSA Activity Consent Forms – Allows the Scout to participate in any and all BSA and Troop 205 events.
  • Harrison County Sheriff’s Farm (Adult and Youth) – These forms are necessary for any event/campout that we do at the Sheriff’s Farm.

Scouting Resources

  • ScoutBook ( – log in for all registered Troop 205 Scouts, Leaders and parents.  This is private information for the scout, tracking their advancements and journey in scouting.
  • my Scouting ( – essential BSA tools and online training.  This site keeps track of all your in classroom and online training, which does sync with ScoutBook.  This also has essential BSA forms, guidebooks, policies
  • Scouting ( – has all BSA forms, guidebooks, Guide to Advancements, Guide to Awards and Insignia, Scout Terms.
  • Eagle Rank ( – Applications, Workbooks, Scholarships, etc.  everything you need from BSA to submit for your Eagle Rank.