Troop Virtual Campout

I know we all miss going on campouts with our Troop! They are a wonderful time to hangout with friends, play some cool games, learn some new skills, perfect abilities, and sit by the fire telling stories. I especially am upset that we missed our weekend at the POW camp, with no electricity, running water, bathrooms, or people around, it is by far the most memorable campout we have. Until we can safely get back together, let’s have a virtual campout. Checkout the schedule below and get ready to have some fun!

FRI6pScoutcraft with BEAUMr. Beau
SAT9aMorning Camp OpeningHayes
Leave No Trace & Tread Lightly
Hazardous Weather & Plants
Connor; Stokley
First AidCaleb; Gabe S.
NavigationGabe S; Andrew
1pAfternoon Camp OpeningSean
Fire Making and Safety
Kendall; Nathaniel
CookingMorgan; Gabe C.
4pCamp ClosingHayes; Sean
Virtual Winter Camp Schedule

Virtual Scouting Troop 205 Style

We are in a very new and crazy new world but in true Boy Scout spirit we have accepted the challenge and we are adapting to Scouting in a virtual world!  It has been a challenge, as many of the skills we were taught were done on campouts or troop meetings, and having someone right in front of you to ask questions when you had challenges learning something new.  Luckily, the exclusively virtual world will be temporary and we will go back to more on-hands execution of the EDGE method.

Practice your Scouting skills at home daily!  This will allow you to become a better Scout and to keep your mind fresh and active!

That being said, Troop 205 doesn’t slow down when presented with diversity, we excel!  There are many skills and requirements that are well suited for online virtual fulfilment, including some merit badges, Scoutmaster conferences, Board of Reviews, and rank advancement to name a few.  See below on ways you can continue accelerating your Boy Scout journey:

  • Sign-up for a Scoutmaster conference or Board of Review (SMC & BOR)
  • Rank Advancement: All the information you need is in your Scout handbook, so watch the Troop Calendar (CALENDAR) for opportunities to demonstrate those skills via Zoom for us to sign off in Scoutbook. (RANK ADVANCEMENT)
  • Merit Badges: Work on some fun ones at home (BSA MB LIST) and also watch the Troop Calendar (CALENDAR) for merit badges taught by the troop.  If you see other Troops or BSA Councils teaching a merit badge, just let any Assistant SM know and sign up!
  • Eagle Project: For Star and Life Scouts, this is a great opportunity to start picking out an Eagle Project and filling out the paperwork.  Everything you need to know about earning Eagle Scout is right here (EAGLE)
  • Service Hours: Just look around and see all the ways you can help.  From doing lawn work for an elderly neighbour, making masks, or spreading joy, you can find a way to earn some valuable hours.  Make sure to discuss your ideas with your parents and Mr Tash before you do it.

As you can see there are plenty of great ways you can keep Scouting!

PS  Watch this video if you need help joining a Zoom meeting!


Hammock Camping, Land Nav, and Backpacking.

   (Caleb S. Life) On the weekend of May 11, the Troop learned Hammock Camping, land navigation, and backpacking. Two eagle scouts (Mr. Beau and Mr. Jacob) taught us how to hammock camp, and this is important for us to know because we will be hammock camping in the future on certain campouts. Senior Chief (Mr. Gene Douglas) taught us land navigation. We need to know this because we will be hosting this year’s camporee and the theme is land navigation. The Chief Engineer of the Naval Oceanography Operations Command (Mr. Tashfeen Solangi) taught us backpacking. In the near future, the Troop will be going to the Oak Mountain, which we will be going on a backpacking adventure so we were grateful he could teach us this.  We also wrapped it up with some fun field games including ultimate frisbee and 4 square. We were thankful for all of the knowledge bestowed upon us by our leaders because we will be in need of it soon.


Hurricane Gordon Assistance

(Caleb S. – Star) A category 1 hurricane named Gordon came through recently. The path of the storm was directly at us. For a regular rain storm, Long Beach regularly floods. So we knew it was going to flood, so we helped all those people that couldn’t fill their own sand bags. We had about 22 scouts show up, and we were there for over 3 hours. We filled hundreds of sand bags for people, and we estimate we helped about 100 citizens of Long Beach.

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Troop 205 would also like to thank Sonic for bringing us blue Powerade slushies in the sweltering heat.


Buccaneer State Park

(Caleb S. – Star) August 18th is the day the Boy Scouts all survived the Wave Pool at Buccaneer State Park.  Buccaneer State Park is a Mississippi State Park that includes water park with two water slides, a wave pool, hiking trails, and camping.  One of the slides makes you go really fast and you can’t see anything while you are riding it!  The other slide is a little more laid back but it was a lot longer, and made you feel like you were going to fall off.  The wave pool was the best and most intense part of the trip! The waves made you lose balance and through you for a loop, and in the wave pool, the waves got up to ten feet tall, which was pretty intense! After we all survived we went to Brooklyn’s Pizza and enjoyed some amazingly good pizza.  A good time was had by all!

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