Canoeing, Camping, Kayaking, Oh My!

(Caleb S. — Life) What a great way to start off the new Scout year!  We decided to kick the excitement into overdrive and hit the rapids of Okatoma Creek.  This 13 mile trip down the creek was a great mix of relaxing, fun, scary, and exciting.  We went down waterfalls, through rapids, around gently flowing turns, flipped our boats, and most importantly we laughed the entire way.  Yes, we were exhausted, but it was well worth all the effort.  Not only did we get to have some fun, but we also completed one of the Camping Merit Badge requirements, helping us get closer to earning Eagle!

P.S. The walking tacos and the profound cake waiting for us were a perfect way to end the trip!

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Summer Camp 2019

(Caleb S — Life) Going to Summer Camp is probably one of the coolest experiences you can do as a Boy Scout.  You are in the middle of the woods of Camp Tiak, hanging out with your friends, making new ones, learning some new skills, and showing off ones that you have already learned.  We are there for a week enjoying every moment of our adventure amongst nature.  The Scouts from the Troop were able to take Merit Badges to learn welding, horsemanship, swimming, pioneering, kayaking, shotgun, basketry, archery, personal fitness, nature, mammal study and so much more.  All of these are required to earn rank, but most importantly we had fun learning something new with fellow Scouts.  But I would say the most fun was all the Scout Spirit and the Mega Relay.  Earning Honor Troop is the most important award at summer camp since it shows that we have done all the important Boy Scout things at camp, like raising the US flag, saying grace, singing songs and doing a skit. We love competing to see who the best troop is, but in the end, we are all winners!

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Winter Camp Guide

(Caleb S. – Star) Winter Camp is coming up soon! It is a lot lot like summer camp, but instead of being hot it is very cold. Everyone needs to be prepared for the cool days and the really cold nights.  We will have lots of fun, but since we are Boy Scouts we need to Be Prepared.  This is a list of what you might want to bring with you, and I suggest you change it to whatever makes sense to you!  Make sure to come to Troop meetings and ask any questions about Winter Camp.

Click this link for the Pine Burr Area Council Winter Camp Guide for more information

Click Here to Download the Winter Camp Checklist in PDF

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Hurricane Gordon Assistance

(Caleb S. – Star) A category 1 hurricane named Gordon came through recently. The path of the storm was directly at us. For a regular rain storm, Long Beach regularly floods. So we knew it was going to flood, so we helped all those people that couldn’t fill their own sand bags. We had about 22 scouts show up, and we were there for over 3 hours. We filled hundreds of sand bags for people, and we estimate we helped about 100 citizens of Long Beach.

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Troop 205 would also like to thank Sonic for bringing us blue Powerade slushies in the sweltering heat.


Buccaneer State Park

(Caleb S. – Star) August 18th is the day the Boy Scouts all survived the Wave Pool at Buccaneer State Park.  Buccaneer State Park is a Mississippi State Park that includes water park with two water slides, a wave pool, hiking trails, and camping.  One of the slides makes you go really fast and you can’t see anything while you are riding it!  The other slide is a little more laid back but it was a lot longer, and made you feel like you were going to fall off.  The wave pool was the best and most intense part of the trip! The waves made you lose balance and through you for a loop, and in the wave pool, the waves got up to ten feet tall, which was pretty intense! After we all survived we went to Brooklyn’s Pizza and enjoyed some amazingly good pizza.  A good time was had by all!

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