(Caleb S. Life) On the weekend of May 11, the Troop learned Hammock Camping, land navigation, and backpacking. Two eagle scouts (Mr. Beau and Mr. Jacob) taught us how to hammock camp, and this is important for us to know because we will be hammock camping in the future on certain campouts. Senior Chief (Mr. Gene Douglas) taught us land navigation. We need to know this because we will be hosting this year’s camporee and the theme is land navigation. The Chief Engineer of the Naval Oceanography Operations Command (Mr. Tashfeen Solangi) taught us backpacking. In the near future, the Troop will be going to the Oak Mountain, which we will be going on a backpacking adventure so we were grateful he could teach us this.  We also wrapped it up with some fun field games including ultimate frisbee and 4 square. We were thankful for all of the knowledge bestowed upon us by our leaders because we will be in need of it soon.

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